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Life with Jaeho

wish them happiness no matter what

28 March

iheartuknow Life with Jaeho
Wish them happiness no matter what!

About Moi:
I'm a big Jaeho/Yunjae fan! I can rant and rant and rant on about them, I apologize to my friends who somehow managed to put up with me thus far. *looks around* I have no idea why they haven't left me yet but arigatou for enduring the pain *salute*

Another Obsession:
*points name* This one is even more obvious since I carry it with me everywhere on LJ or on other forums actually. Yes, I LOVE YUNHO! I wish he's my relative, I wish he's my brother and I wish he marries Jaejoong so then we can be a happy family~ lol

Seriously speaking though, I really love him from the bottom of my heart. I wish he gets everything he desires in life and more. I wish him happiness. This love is unconditional, as long as he's happy, I will support him. Why am I so obsessed? Just take a look at Yunho, you will understand. He's the man of all men, capable of doing everything, responsible, charming, intelligent, great dancer and singer, not to mention he's so damn hot and sexy! He has been acting so cute lately so that might change his image a little, in a good way of course. Now leader shi is not just diplomatic, he's your cute neighbor friend... How I wish... >.<

Last thing:
Besides fangirling about Jaeho, I have several other things going on.
1). I write fanfics, so please check out my entries if you want to read.^^ (mainly Jaeho/Yunjae)
2). I opened communities with my lovely friends, so check them out if you will and please join too~

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That's about it. DO leave me a comment on my "welcome" entry if you want to be friends~ xDD

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let's stay together...like this under the sun shine!

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